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Reimagine the world with us

As a design-driven development team with a passion for quality, premium materials, and tailored details, how we approach the homes and commercial spaces we create comes from a deeply ingrained commitment to integrity and refined aesthetics.

Before we begin to create a design or plan a development, our vision is guided by a desire to create spaces that are shaped by the experiences people have in them. By redefining how spaces are used, lived in and experienced, and by using our collective creativity and artful intelligence – we reimagine the world together. By looking past the status quo of everyday design and taking a future-driven approach that  reimagines how we live and work, we challenge the present to create a future that transforms how we experience the world around us.

Creating experiences and meaningful connections is at the foundation of everything we do. By elevating simple moments into lasting memories, and transforming transactions into enduring relationships, we are driven by the relationships we have.

Our Story

As an entrepreneurial developer with a deep history, OpenForm Properties, along with our sister company OpenRoad Auto Group, has grown to become one of the most prominent real estate companies in Western Canada.

Our Vancouver-based enterprise has been thoughtfully built on a foundation of customer service, innovation and inspirational placemaking and community building. For over 45 years, the group has been driven to build exceptionally well-designed, high-quality commercial, industrial, and residential developments that meet the needs of an ever-changing world. We do so with a deep sense of pride by creating exceptional places where individuals genuinely desire to be.

Our team of smart, like-minded, and collaborative professionals is committed to embracing a diversity of thought and a multicultural approach, which allows for bold thinking and ensures that every place we create is not only exceptionally well thought-out but also becomes an inspiring destination that appeals to a broad and diverse audience. Through earned wisdom, we apply a fresh perspective to placemaking.

Our team focuses on intelligent land use that integrates seamlessly into the community. We take a fresh approach to architectural design that takes advantage of indoor and outdoor spaces, and we are mindful of using complementary materials that are environmentally responsible. Each project is punctuated with an artful and humanizing creative expression, which resonates deeply with a diverse and multifaceted audience seeking intelligent use of space and a genuine connection to the community.

Throughout the process, OpenForm Properties is not only committed to delivering inspiring architectural legacies, but also providing exceptional hands-on customer experience and service throughout all steps of the development journey and long after the project is complete. As OpenForm Properties continues to grow, we stay true to our roots and are proud of our history of building over 2 million square feet of high-quality spaces with OpenRoad Auto Group. We believe in the possibilities of a limitless future for both our customers and our partners.

Our Team

“Our Success is Built on Passion and Dedication”


Christian Chia

Christian experiences life with a sharp entrepreneurial spirit — which is what led him to found OpenForm Properties. After completing a Commerce Degree from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, Christian’s journey took him to Asia, where he achieved a series of successes in the auto industry. Upon returning to Vancouver in 1999, he acquired OpenRoad Auto Group Limited, the largest-volume dealership group in British Columbia. He shares his passion for innovation on numerous boards, dedicates himself to community and charitable activities, and is the frequent recipient of notable awards. Driven to inspire, OpenForm is a natural continuation of Christian’s ingenuity and legacy.

“Community is the Heart of a Great Home”


Norm Shearing

Deeply entrenched in Vancouver’s real estate community, Norm has been contributing to the growth of neighbourhoods for decades. Some of the region’s largest developments, including the Expo Lands, Coal Harbour Bayshore, River District, and Victoria’s Dockside Green, were shaped with Norm’s collaboration. As an architect and developer, he understands how to achieve a balance between design and well-being so homeowners thrive in their surroundings. He values community and has reinvested his time and expertise in several local organizations, such as the Canadian Green Building Council, Smart Growth BC, Musqueam Capital Corporation, and SFU Community Trust.

“Being a part of a team with heart, integrity and a willingness to work hard”

Vice President of Development

Mathew McLash

Mathew is a collaborative real estate leader with more than 15 years of experience in acquisitions, management, divestitures, and the development of diverse real estate assets in multiple markets. He has an excellent track record of delivering acquisitions of the highest quality. An experienced real estate executive and development manager, Mathew successfully created and managed teams that bring projects from concept to occupancy. He is driven to grow an organization based on integrity and provide opportunities to our customers and partners.

“Think and Maneuver as an Entrepreneur”

Vice President of Finance

Darren Borsbey

Operating with a strategic business mind, Darren brings decades of forward-thinking to the OpenForm team as Vice President of Finance. His wealth of finance and accounting skills have been honed over more than 30 years within the real estate and resort industries. Working with major Western Canada developers, he has managed budgets from $60 million to $3 billion, on both single- and multi-phased residential projects. Outside of the office, he is passionate about the outdoors and is an avid cyclist, camper, and ironman triathlete.

“Delivering iconic design and building sustainability”

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Bonnie Leung

Bonnie’s career in real estate began in 2011. Her expertise includes overseeing the sales and marketing portfolio of the company as well as navigating through the full cycle of the projects from acquisition to homeowner key possession. She has a vast knowledge of the development and construction stages of the project and works closely with financing. To date, she has worked on 19 projects involving low-rise, high-rise, master-planned communities and non-market projects consisting of nearly 3,700 homes totalling over $2.5 billion in sales.

“Delivering creative solutions to complex development issues”

Vice President of Finance

Drew deWynter

With over 20 years experience in UK and Canadian markets, Drew is an industry veteran whose passion lies in real estate development, management, and finance. As an integral member of the leadership team Drew possesses a wealth of expertise in negotiating financing terms and consistently delivers unique financing solutions across multiple asset classes. Guided by an innovative and strategic mindset, Drew fosters a collaborative work environment, prioritizing integrity, and respect as fundamental principles.

“Exceptional Leadership, and Innovative Solutions”

Vice President of Construction

John Sellick

With a remarkable 30-year career in the construction industry, John has demonstrated a commitment to delivering high-quality projects, exceptional leadership, and innovative solutions. Experience working within general contracting and development environments has afforded John a wealth of experience including project management, cost control and design development. As a member of the leadership team, John gives support to all phases of the development process - from acquisition to occupancy. He’s passionate about innovation within design and construction to create quality developments for the future.

“Within complexity there is simplicity”

Accounting Manager

Kevin Tam

Kevin brings to OpenForm a rich and sophisticated background in accounting systems spanning three countries delivering both clarity and accuracy to our financial information. Working on both the front and back end of accounting systems, Kevin is able to distill complex tasks to their simplest form, creating processes that deliver critical financial analysis. When he’s away from spreadsheets, Kevin enjoys extended road trips throughout North America.

“Confidently Taking the Initiative”

Development Manager

Asli Yilmaz Yetkin

Over the past 20 years, Asli has immersed herself in real estate development and asset management, including working on major projects such as a Ritz-Carlton Residence in Turkey. At OpenForm, she takes the reins as Development Coordinator to manage projects from start to finish. The breadth of her experience stretches from analysis to budgeting to design to quality control — and everything in between. She’s a proven problem solver, self-starter, and team player. Driven to grow the industry, Asli has spent time mentoring students to help them navigate careers in real estate.

“Supporting a team to deliver quality results”

Office Manager

Emilia Ghozali

With over 10 years of work experience as a procurement and sales support professional in various industries have moulded her entrepreneurial skills. She is adept at wearing multiple hats to ensure that office operations run smoothly and efficiently. Emilia has an eye for detail and a passion for customer service when it comes to resource coordination, administrative support, and client relations. Emilia loves travelling to different places around the world to immerse herself in different cultures. At OpenForm, she shares a common vision for excellence.

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