Coming Soon to South Burnaby: A Prized Way of Life.
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Driven to Inspire

Form and function are the catalysts that drive us. Balancing aesthetics and need, our design-driven approach transforms great ideas into incredible spaces to live and work in.

Building Experiences

Who we are and what we do comes from a long tradition of creating memorable experiences. Beyond the homes and communities we build, we create environments where trust, respect, and collaboration create experiences that last a lifetime.

Our connections are our foundations, and we believe that taking care of each other and the world around us is the source of success.

Our Story


Your Home is Your Greatest Destination

How we build our homes and workplaces, and how we create our communities matters deeply to us. We believe that artful form and meaningful function shape the lives of our owners, giving them a sense of pride, achievement, and a level of security they can build their lives around, and create a better future on.


At OpenForm Properties, we know community is the beating heart of a great home and our historic customer service and industry knowledge naturally dovetails into community design. We want you to cherish your greatest destination: your home.


With a focus on innovation and culture, E15 offers contemporary family residences in one of Vancouver’s most sought-after creative communities.

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